Tuesday 25 November 2014

Simple CRM is the ideal online software for advertising agencies

The different modules of Simple CRM software allow an easier management of all those different professions existent in an advertising agency:

  • Sales : selling communication campaigns 
  • Purchasing: buying materials and visuals for communication
  • Financial analysis: weighting sale communication project with all production and operating costs
  • Newsletter management: a mass mailing engine with tracking, analysis and ROI 
  • Administrative management: tasks and document management etc. 
  • More info on : http://simple-crm-online.com

Online CRM for advertising agency 

Some pluses that can make the difference in an advertising agency:

  • Free access of the newsletter module: no license to pay! Free access for external designer  also; 
  • Easy creation of newsletter: Simple CRM has a very powerful Mass Mailing which can help in communication/advertising campaigns; 

  • Link important emails, notes, documents etc. to clients and partners;
  • Import documents to Simple CRM directly for your network scanner;
  • Import documents to Simple CRM by email;
  • Check all information from a IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone, Black Berry or PC tablet;
  • Convert emails in sales opportunity, follow-up document, support ticket etc.
  • Synchronized contact and agenda with IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone, Black Berry or PC tablet etc.
  • Skype synchronization;
  • VOIP synchronization;
  • Email synchronization;

More information

Simple CRM USA : http://simple-crm-online.com